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Government Of Assam Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) Water

Get a Water Connection

If a piped water supply scheme is already completed in the locality and a Water Users’ Committee is in place, the head of the family will have to apply for a water connection to the President of the Water Users’ Committee in prescribed format.  But, before that he must obtain the primary membership of the committee. The committee along with PHE Official will assess the feasibility of the new connection. Once it is found to be feasible, then an estimate is prepared considering the material cost and labour charge for the connection and the estimated cost along with water connection charge (refundable security deposit) and monthly tariff is also informed to the applicant for household connection.
Once the person pays the estimated amount for material & labour charge and the water connection charge, the materials are procured by the Water Users’ Committee and the connection is get done.

The connections are provided with the following precondition:

  1. While providing user’s connection, PHE deptt. will provide distribution pipe network upto outside the boundary of the plot of the household. The cost of material & labour for portion from there upto the point as required by the house owner inside the complex will have to be borne by the house owner    
  2. A connection provided to one household should not be sublet to other households or shared with other household
  3. The user’s connection provided will be as per the norms / specification laid down by the Water Users’ Committee which has strictly to be adhered to
  4. At any cost the connection has to be through Water Users committee only. If any attempt of making connection at individual level & not through Water Users’ committee, it will treated as ‘intentional damaging of govt. infrastructure’ and govt. will take serious note of the instance.
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