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Government Of Assam Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) Water

Role of Public

  1. Active involvement in operation and maintenance of schemes to ensure sustainability and assured delivery
  2. Common public has to remain vigilant so that there is no instance of theft / damage of water infrastructure etc. as it is not always possible that the govt. created assets are taken care of only by govt. agencies
  3. If any leakage or break down is noticed, bringing it to the notice of the Water Users’ Committee and also the concerned official of PHE Deptt.
  4. If any unwanted activities are noticed near the source of water which can contaminate / pollute the raw water, the same has to be brought to the notice of the PHE Official or the Water Users’ Committee member or any responsible person in the locality who can convey the same to concerned officials
  5. Take care that any water source (public / private) is not contaminated or vulnerable to contamination
  6. Breakdown of any spot sources installed by PHE Deptt. has to be brought to the notice of PHE Deptt.
  7. During disaster, especially during flood, help PHE officials in disinfection of spot sources
  8. Before installation of any spot source for drinking purpose at individual household or at any institution campus, PHE deptt. is to be consulted for feasibility with regard to quality, water availability etc.