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Government Of Assam Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) Water

Status of Potable Drinking Water in a Habitation

To know the present status of potable drinking water in the habitation, log on to http://mdws.gov.in/ and click on “NRDWP” Tab.  Then click on “Format B1Basic Habitation Information”. This will guide you to the abstract of Basic Habitation Information for all the states of India. Above the table displayed, there is provision for selecting the State, then the District and then the Block. After selecting the state, district and block, click on the “Show” button nearby. A table is displayed containing the Panchayat names and village numbers & habitation numbers corresponding to the panchayats. Once the hyperlinked habitation number is clicked, it gives the complete habitation list within the panchayat. A complete list of the villages & habitations is displayed corresponding to that panchayat. On clicking on the habitation name, a complete status of the habitations is displayed which includes sources/ schemes and also the service level of water supply.